24 July 2017

St John's with dolphins, seahorses!

We saw Nemo, seahorses and dolphins this morning! Singapore's shores are alive!
Reefs of St John's Island, July 2017
Sadly, we also saw men with a long fish net in the lagoon which had trapped sharks. Also, all the Tape seagrasses were cropped, and the corals on the shore don't appear to be recovering well from mass coral bleaching.

23 July 2017

Return of underwater garden at Pulau Ubin

The colourful underwater gardens on Pulau Ubin have returned!
Various marine life at Pulau Ubin's rocky shores
Missing since 2015, it was a relief to see sea fans, feather stars and other colourful marine life on our favourite Ubin rocky shore.

19 July 2017

2017 edition: Diary of Spotted Wood owl family

The Spotted Wood owl pair that had a baby in 2016 in my neighbourhood park, did it again this year!
Spotted Wood Owl (Strix seloputo)
Ms Teng Wah, a neighbour, and I have been observing the family for sometime. Thanks to her, and information shared by other neighbours too. Here's some of the key highlights of the family since the baby emerged from the nest in July.

Oil slick washed up at East Coast Park (19 Jul 2017)

About 300m of East Coast Park beach near carpark F2 and Bedok Jetty is reportedly stained with oil.

The smell of oil was first deteced at around 5.30pm.

17 July 2017

22 Jul (Sat): Mangrove Speaks! @ Sungei Buloh

This Saturday, come to Sungei Buloh and learn about mangroves! Find out the top 10 reasons why our mangroves are important. How do tides affect mangrove critters? Learn about mangrove aerial plants, mangrove insects and lots more!
Learn about mangrove conservation at Sungei Buloh. Also, lessons and failures of mangrove restoration. I will be sharing about the Restore Ubin Mangroves (R.U.M.) Initiative, a community effort to restore mangroves at Pulau Ubin.

It's also a great chance to meet many of the people who are crazy about mangroves!

Thanks to Sungei Buloh for putting together a great series of talks by experts. And allowing us to share about R.U.M. too at this gathering.

FREE, registration now open.

Speakers and synopsis of their talks here

More details and registration here

13 July 2017

Changi seven months after the oil spill

These Changi shores were impacted seven months ago by the 300-tonne oil spill in the East Johor Strait, My last survey of this series of shores was in Jun 2016, six months after the oil spill.
Living rocky shores of Changi Creek
I saw many sponges of a wider variety on the rocky shores there, as well as sea fans and other colourful marine life. The seagrasses appear fine and I saw some of the usual animals. I also checked out Changi Creek, the mangroves up the Creek. I did not see any signs of massive oil spill impact.


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