30 June 2015

Chek Jawa boardwalk partial closure until 24 Oct 2015

Thanks to Aminurashid bin Eksan from Ubin NParks for the heads up on the closure of the southern portion of the Coastal Boardwalk (red portion) for upgrading until 24 Oct 2015.
The other facilities at Chek Jawa will remain open during the period. That is, the Visitor Centre (House No. 1), Viewing Jetty (at House No. 1) and Mangrove boardwalk.

27 June 2015

NParks' Marine Conservation Action Plan

NParks announced a Marine Conservation Action Plan today. I have been assured that the marine community will be consulted on these eventually.
Kids enthralled by the fascinating display that represents
the new dive trails to be opened at the Sisters Islands Marine Park.
I am particularly intrigued by the "Indicative conceptual enhancement plan for Labrador Nature Reserve". The image attached to the NParks Press Release is too low res to see what exactly is planned for this shore.
Also plans to install "Fish Aggregating Devices: A fish aggregating device is any structure that is used to attract and aggregate fish. Fish aggregating devices can be floating or fixed, depending on the environmental conditions and their purpose. They are widely used as a tool to aid small-scale fisheries to target and catch fish species that otherwise would be difficult. They can also be used to effectively restore and enhance fish biodiversity in target conservation areas."

Here's more about the Plan from the NParks Press Releases posted on the NParks website.

26 June 2015

Marine community in action, distributing 36,000 guidesheets on Singapore's shores

Thanks to the kind support of nearly 40 people, I am able to print AND give out 36,000 copies of guidesheets to Singapore's shores! The marine community in action.
Joelle Lai and Becky Lee taking in the monster 4,000 copies
ordered by N. Sivasothi and Alvin Wong.
I've been asked why I don't raise the print cost through KickStarter or something similar. But it's not just about funding. I can't on my own, give out 36,000 copies within 1-2 years before they rot. I need the help of the marine community for these copies to reach families, kids, divers, kayakers, schools and many more people. Thank you!

25 June 2015

Sea turtle seen at Changi!

Thanks to Abdul Khabir who shared a precious sighting of a sea turtle at Changi Beach.
Photo by Abdul Khabir.
From the photo, it appears the sea turtle was preparing or had already laid eggs in the sand. Here's more of what Abdul Khabir shared.

Ubin Day 2015 Report

A total of about 2,000 people volunteered and participated in Ubin Day 2015! Thanks to MOS Desmond Lee, the volunteers of the 34 Organising Groups, the FUN Ambassadors and the awesome team at NParks for making Ubin Day 2015 happen.
The Kampung Photo Booth was a popular spot
to get into the kampung spirit on Ubin Day!
Thanks to feedback and data from the Organising Groups, I did a brief report to help us do a better Ubin Day the next time! Here's some highlights:

The full report with Appendices is available on google docs: http://tinyurl.com/UbinDay2015report

23 June 2015

Early Bird discount for 1 Aug (Sat): Biodiversity of Singapore Symposium IV ending soon

Want to meet the movers and shakers in the community? To find out more about studying and working on biodiversity and conservation in Singapore? This Symposium, held once every four years, is a great opportunity to network and share ideas.
Only until 30 Jun (Tue), early bird discount $8 per individual, and $5 per student.

Here's more about the Symposium from the youth organisers:


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