18 January 2018

Singapore is Shorebird Central

While Changi Airport is well known as an international travel hub, Singapore has long been an important stopover for shorebirds that travel thousands of kilometers every year.
Whimbrels (Numenius phaeopus)
A flock of Whimbrels, check out their long bills!
What are these birds and where can we see them?

16 January 2018

10 Feb (Sat): "A Guide to Guiding" - FREE workshop on nature guiding

Registration now open! Thanks to the youths of Lepak in SG for having me conduct this FREE workshop on nature guiding without tears or fears!
Families on a guided tour at Pasir Ris Mangrove Boardwalk
Always wanted to be a nature guide? Want to be a better nature guide? This workshop is just for you! First timers and existing nature guides are welcomed. Find out what makes a good nature guide (psst, not knowledge, as most people think!).

14 January 2018

Mudskippers - Masters of the Mudflats

Rude, but definitely cute. The mudskipper can swim, skip, walk, climb and some can even dance.
Blue-spotted mudskipper (Boleophthalmus boddarti)
The Blue-spotted mudskipper skipping!
During low tide, mudskippers are among the few marine creatures that can exploit Singapore's mudflats. Their amusing antics are a delight to observe.

20 Jan 2018 (Sat): "Our Mangroovy Mangroves" - FREE Workshop at Pulau Ubin

How do mangroves give us durians and chilli crabs? Singapore got mangroves, meh? Find out at this FREE workshop at Pulau Ubin!
Join me and other volunteers on a guided walk through Pulau Ubin's amazing mangrove forest with experienced community volunteers. Followed by a workshop for YOU to share your ideas to design a unique ground-up effort to restore mangroves at Pulau Ubin!

Can't join the workshop but want to contribute your ideas? Yes please share via this online survey by the Restore Ubin Mangroves (R.U.M.) Initiative team. Thank you!

09 January 2018

Soxy sea creatures: Cnidarian edition

Time to make more DIY handmade 'plushie' mascots out of socks! As volunteers prep up for International Year of the Reef 2018 activities!
How to make plushie cnidarians
Being nature people, we are a little picky about making these animals somewhat anatomically correct. Here's more tips on how to make cnidarians!

07 January 2018

Smile, Singapore got Crocodile!

Crocodile should make us smile. Only healthy mangroves can support these magnificent top predators!
Estuarine crocodile (Crocodylus porosus)
What do crocodiles eat? And where can we see them in Singapore?


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