12 October 2015

Global mass coral bleaching to hit Singapore soon?

The third global coral bleaching event in recorded history has been declared by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).
Mass coral bleaching in Singapore's
Terumbu Bemban in Jun 2010
Boosted by an expected strongest-ever El Nino, bleaching may spread globally again in 2016. Why is global bleaching of concern? Does it happen in Singapore? What can I do about it? And more...

11 October 2015

Kids day out at Chek Jawa

Yesterday, I had a lovely time with enthusiastic families at Chek Jawa for the monthly free guided walk with the Naked Hermit Crabs.
Fortunately, the haze was quite low in the morning. We saw lots of wild boar and other interesting wildlife as usual. I also made a quick stop to congratulate Kelvin and his team at Adventure Paddlers on the launch of their Pasir Ris outlet.

Gentle wild boar family endangered by irresponsible trash disposal

If we don't alarm them, it is possible to have a closer look at the wild boar at Chek Jawa, Pulau Ubin. Like this curious piglet who approached the kids on the Naked Hermit Crab walk yesterday. The piglet soon scampered back to join the wild boar family.
But at the end of the trip, we saw how some people had put the wild boar family in danger by not disposing of their trash responsibly.

04 October 2015

Kusu Pilgrimage Season: 13 Oct - 11 Nov 2015

Expect a parking crunch and boarding delays at Marina South Pier for other Southern Island destinations during this traditional season. And the regular ferry to St. John's Island will be suspended during this period.
Traditionally happening on the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, 100,000 devotees and visitors are expected to visit tiny Kusu Island for the annual pilgrimage season.

01 October 2015

Pasir Ris check in the haze

On a very hazy evening, yesterday we checked out Pasir Ris because we heard there were signs of algae in the water in the area.
The seagrasses were lush, marine life seemed well, and I didn't come across signs of mass deaths.

Where does your poop go? EIA for new outfall in the sea for public viewing

After you flush your poop, it and industrial wastes, are processed with the best technology available. Whatever can't be reclaimed is discharged into the sea surrounding Singapore through an outfall.
Tuas will be the third outfall.
The other two are at Changi and Kranji,
From PUB's website.
A new outfall (Singapore's third one) is planned by PUB at Tuas View, south of Tuas Power and an EIA study has been carried out to determine the potential environmental impact of the plant’s outfall discharge. The EIA is now available for public viewing.


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