21 August 2016

Corals weeping at Raffles Lighthouse

For our last predawn survey for 2016, we checked out mass coral bleaching at Raffles Lighthouse. It was heartbreaking to see corals weeping.
Hard corals may produce slime in reaction to rain
(which we had lots of this morning).
Pulau Satumu, the location of Raffles Lighthouse, has the best reefs in Singapore. We could see the corals bleaching immediately from the jetty.
Today, we estimate about 10-30% of hard corals are bleaching, while about 10-20% of leathery soft corals were bleaching. About 20% of the hard corals have died recently. Thanks to Nick for organising the trip as part of his survey of sea anemones and related animals in Singapore.

20 August 2016

Mass coral bleaching at Cyrene Reef

Mass coral bleaching is still happening at Cyrene Reef. We first observed this about 2 months ago in June 2016. At that time, about 80-90% of the hard corals and soft corals that I saw were bleaching.
Today, from observations by the team, we estimate about 30-50% of hard corals are still bleaching, while only about 10-20% of leathery soft corals were bleaching. But, I sense about 20% of the hard corals have died. The shore is very much alive though. The rest of the team saw amazing animals such as another live Cone snail!

19 August 2016

Surveying stormy Changi

There is a lush seagrass meadow at Changi. We quickly surveyed it during breaks in stormy weather, and found it was still very much alive.
As usual, Changi is full of colourful echinoderms such as sea stars and sea cucumbers. Alas, this shore continues to be impacted by long fishing nets that appear to be laid every day.

10 August 2016

Massive bright green bloom at Kranji Reservoir: what impact?

There is now a massive bloom that turned Kranji Reservoir bright green as far as I could see from the sluice gate.
I have no idea what caused it, but usually, such a phenomenon is attributed to a bloom of freshwater algae or cyanobacteria. What are the implications of such a bloom? In particular, will it affect people and marine life (and fish farming) in the Johor Strait nearby?

09 August 2016

Celebrating National Day with dolphin sightings!

Yes, Singapore got wild dolphins! Here's some recent sightings to celebrate Singapore's National Day!
Indo-Pacific humpbacked dolphin spotted near
the Sisters Islands Marine Park on 5 Aug 2016, photo by Stephen Beng.
Over the last few weeks, wild dolphins were spotted near St John's Island, the Sisters Islands Marine Park. And yesterday, dolphins were seen inside a container port bay. The sighting was shared by  master of the tug Joseph Chng and psa pilot Mr Zulei, who both delayed the container ship swing to allow the dolphins to swim clear of the propellors.

We not only have wild dolphins, but also wonderful wild people who care for them. Happy National Day!

07 August 2016

New Bureau to investigate marine accidents in Singapore waters

A new Transport Safety Investigation Bureau (TSIB) will conduct investigations into marine accidents and incidents
Oil on Chek Jawa from the massive 2,000 crude oil spilled in May 2010.
Photo shared by Tan Hang Chong on the Oil Spill Facebook Page.
This is good news! Perhaps finally, there can be more timely public information about the causes of oil spills and other accidents that damage Singapore's shores. Such public information will help us to prevent and better protect our shores from such accidents.


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