15 March 2018

Saving horseshoe crabs in Singapore

The horseshoe crab is a strange, ancient creature that has been around since before the dinosaurs. Singapore is lucky to have two kinds of horseshoe crabs, but they are on our endangered animals list.
Coastal horseshoe crab (Tachypleus gigas)
A pair of male (on top) and female (below)
Coastal horseshoe crabs seen at Sentosa.
Singapore scientists, however, have developed substances to ease pressures on wild horseshoe crab populations, and young students have developed a method to rear horseshoe crabs for release to the wild. You too CAN make a difference for them by volunteering with the Horseshoe Crab Rescue and Research programme by the Nature Society (Singapore). Their next session is on 25 Mar (Sun).

18 Mar (Sun): FREE screening of "Birth of a Marine Park"

Come this Sunday to watch the award-winning "Birth of a Marine Park" about Singapore's first marine park at the Sisters Islands by Victor Tang.
Off the shores, away from the glittering skyline of the city, Singapore maintains one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes, yet its waters hide a little-known secret : a rich bio-habitat harbouring diverse marine life, including even species long thought to be extinct. This documentary follows the visionary partnership of Singapore planners, scientists and nature-lovers who are coming together to create Singapore’s first-ever Marine Park in the waters around one of the nation’s remaining coral reefs: Sisters’ Island.

11 March 2018

17 Mar (Sat): FREE screening of 'Ubin Sayang' at Sentosa

Come for the first FREE public screening of the 'Ubin, Sayang' at Sentosa on 17 Mar (Sat) 3-4pm (with FREE admission to Sentosa*). This gorgeous film by Rachel Quek and her team features the Restore Ubin Mangroves (R.U.M.) Initiative and the people of Ubin.
'Ubin, Sayang' traces the journey of Xiao Ting as she learns from the stories of mangrove restoration and kampong living. In the context of modern Singaporean nostalgia for the kampong, the film brings together different perspectives on what the kampong spirit truly entails, and discusses its implications for us today.

08 March 2018

Chek Jawa - Easy Family Adventure!

For an easy 'overseas' adventure, take the family to Chek Jawa at Pulau Ubin! The boardwalk there is open every day, free entry, no need a guide to visit!
Wild boar crossing! Getting close to nature at the Chek Jawa Boardwalk
If we show respect, we can enjoy
close encounters with the wild life there.
Here's more of what you can see and do at Chek Jawa with lots of videos!

10 Mar (Sat): Free talk on kids well-being and natural curiosity

Do you miss your childhood days playing at the beach? Remember being excited by sea waves and being curious about seashells and tiny sand creatures? Do you recall splashing happily into ponds, wondering about darting dragonflies and stream fishes?
Public walk at Sisters Island Marine Park (14 Aug 2014)
Kids at the FREE intertidal walk
at the Sisters Islands Marine Park.
This talk by Cicada Tree Eco Place will help you to heighten your child's natural sense of curiosity about nature and the outdoors.

05 March 2018

Wild fun for kids during the March school holidays!

Lots of exciting nature walks for kids and the family this holidays. Many are free! The highlight is 'The Fun Odyssea' at Sentosa. Specially for kids and the family, join Captain Patty Parrotfish and its supportive sidekick, Izzy Isopod, on their journey discovering treasures of the sea! Film screening including Blue Planet II, arts and crafts, live mural painting and more!
There are also other family carnivals, Natural History Museum open house, kids nature camps, kids night walks and special activities for kids to learn about Bishan wetlands, migratory raptors, our plants, and more!


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