18 December 2014

Dredging at Changi Creek Jan-Jun 2015

Changi Creek will be dredged for 6 months next year. This will probably stir up the sea bottom and silt up the surrounding areas including some of our favourite Changi shores.
I took this photo in Mar 2008 of the large equipment used to dredge the narrow mouth of Changi Creek.

15 December 2014

AVA takes action on large marine trash washed up at Sungei Buloh

Did this large orange box painted with the number 12 come from a nearby fish farm?
Photo by Solomon Anthony.
Were the numbers on the box spray painted by AVA? In Jan 2014, there was a media report that AVA explained that it sprayed farm “items that tend to fall in the sea” including “container drums, sofas, television sets and refrigerators”.
Photo by the New Paper.
I wrote to AVA about the orange box and received prompt replies.

14 December 2014

Exploring Singapore's city mangroves: Berlayar Creek

Despite a heavy downpour, these valiant folks gathered yesterday to explore a mangrove next to a MRT station. Yes, only in Singapore! At Labrador MRT station to check out Berlayar Creek.
Thanks to the visitors, especially the youngest, for spotting awesome critters in this city mangrove!

10 December 2014

December of Dolphins

Amazing wild dolphin sightings recently in Singapore waters!
On 10 Dec 2014, Chay Hoon posted on facebook: Francis of Dolphin Explorer Singapore notified the sighting of 3 Pacific Humpback Dolphins at Pulau Satumu (where Raffles Lighthouse is situated) today!

08 December 2014

Youths for Ubin: a focus group discussion by Youth for Ecology on 21 Dec (Sun)

Youth for Ecology Singapore is organising a focus group session on 21 Dec (Sun) with NParks to bring a youth perspective to the discussion.
Sign up at http://goo.gl/forms/7OviXSmH3L by 19 Dec (Fri)

Here is their message on the Youth for Ecology Singapore facebook page:

05 December 2014

What makes Ubin Day special: The Ubin Day 2014 report

Ubin Day was made possible by MOS Desmond Lee, the extraordinary 30 Organising Groups and the amazing staff at Ubin NParks. And of course, the irreplacable Sumita Thiagarajan, who as intern with wildsingapore, quietly laid the foundations for Ubin Day months earlier.
Sumita (in hat) with MOS Desmond
speaking to the Prime Minister
Photo by Johnson Ong
And we are all excited to do it again! Thanks to feedback and data from the Organising Groups, I did a brief report to help us do a better Ubin Day the next time!


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