25 November 2014

Wet and wild at the Sisters' Islands Marine Park

It's the rainy season! But this didn't stop enthusiastic visitors and volunteers from heading out for the public walks at the Sisters' Islands Marine Park this month!
In October, we did a series of intensive workshops to train new volunteer guides for the Marine Park. So we really had a great team of guides for the November walks!

24 November 2014

30 Nov (Sun): Ubin Day highlights!

Join us this Sunday for fun at Ubin Day! For families and kids. Also adventurers, nature lovers and more.
Cycling, kayaking, stargazing. Nature walks, butterfly watching. Also art workshops, exhibitions, games. From the outdoors and nature to heritage, kampung life to makan. Come experience Ubin's unique charms, laid-back kampung life and home-cooked makan!

23 November 2014

Rare mangroves and seagrasses at Seringat Kias

Return to the 'secret lagoon' at Seringat-Kias and we saw a small patch of seagrasses! They looked like Sickle seagrass as well as Needle seagrass!
We also came across Api-api jambu, a Critically Endangered mangrove tree! What a lovely surprise to see in this artificial lagoon.

12 November 2014

Dive boat squashes reefs off Pulau Hantu

The MV Nautica, a large live-aboard dive boat was seen high and dry on the living reefs of Terumbu Hantu on 9 Nov, by friends who were diving (from another boat) in the area.
The brown bottom layer of the MV Nautica would usually be underwater if it was floating normally in the sea. This shows that the boat's entire weight is resting on the reefs and marine life at Terumbu Hantu.
Photo by Toh Chay Hoon on facebook.
Here's more about this boat, the reefs it squashed and other boat strikes we've seen on our reefs.

10 November 2014

Secret lagoon on Seringat-Kias

There is a secret lagoon just across from the Central Business District on mainland Singapore.
I explored it for the first time and discovered mangroves!

09 November 2014

Starry on Beting Bemban Besar

Beting Bemban Besar is among the biggest of our submerged reefs. We explore a tiny portion of it during a lovely evening low tide.
Lots of corals, lots of Knobbly sea stars, also giant clam and other special finds.


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