31 October 2014

Resorts World Sentosa says Singapore has no wild dolphins: NOT true!

Resorts World Sentosa says "dolphins aren’t native to the waters of Singapore" in a bid to get people to pay for a 'magical' experience with captive dolphins.
Wild dolphin seen off Kusu Island, Sep 2014
Photo by Samuel Tan shared by Rene Ong shared on facebook.
This is completely untrue!
Wild dolphin seen in the Singapore Strait
Photo by Con Foley.
Wild dolphins are native to Singapore and have been regularly sighted in Singapore waters. The most recent sighting was last month near Kusu Island by Rene Ong. Her sighting is captured in the Singapore Biodiversity Records.

26 October 2014

Fun with families at Pasir Ris mangroves!

It was a delight to share Pasir Ris mangroves with families on an evening walk yesterday.
About 50 enthusiastic families and kids found lots of interesting critters during the the free walk with the Naked Hermit Crabs!

Glimpses of fish farm happenings during dead fish checks

For the last four days, I have been visiting jetties used by fish farms to check for dead fish and trash. These include Lim Chu Kang, Lorong Halus, Changi Point and Pulau Ubin.
How nice to see this person haul several bags and toss them into the large tank near the Lim Chu Kang jetty! The bags seemed light, probably full of other bags? Here's some of the other activities I saw.

25 October 2014

New sea anemone described from Singapore!

Found at Changi! This new genus and new species of sea anemone is described from Singapore! And thus proudly named Synpeachia temasek. Singapore's wild shores are home to animals that are new to science. So much more to discover and learn!
This sea anemone is a burrower, with its long sausage-like body buried deep and only its tentacles sticking out at the surface.

23 October 2014

Mandai and Kranji mangroves to be fenced

Fences will be built on the landward side of Mandai and Kranji mangroves. Probably similar to the ones built along northern Pulau Ubin.
Tall fence that rings Pulau Ubin's northern shoreline
Why are the fences being built? What will be impact on the mangroves and shores there?

21 October 2014

Lots of dead farmed fishes at Lim Chu Kang, and now also at Kranji

More dead farm fishes washing up at Lim Chu Kang this morning.
I also saw dead farm fishes washing up at Kranji Reservoir Park.


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