24 April 2016

Pulau Semakau North in a purple sunrise

We arrived at dawn to a strange purple sunrise. The northern tip of Pulau Semakau is quite reefy.
Fortunately, we didn't see much coral bleaching. We encountered lots of Giant clams and other interesting finds!

21 April 2016

What impacts of massive fire at Jurong Island?

The was a massive fire at an oil tank on Jurong Island at Jurong Aromatics Corporation (JAC) on 20 Apr 2016. It took five hours to put out the fire.
Location of JAC from google maps.
What are the possible impacts on marine life nearby? Here's a closer look at the public information on the fire so far.

17 April 2016

Sunny at Chek Jawa!

A great day out at Chek Jawa with families at the free monthly walk by the Naked Hermit Crabs!
It was a super hot day but we saw lots of interesting animals.

12 April 2016

Wild 'Nemos' on Sentosa's natural shores

This morning, I did a solo survey of the natural shores that still remain on Sentosa near the Tanjung Rimau beacon. And found 'Nemos' in one of the many Giant carpet anemones there.
There's still lots of seagrasses, a sprinkling of corals and other marine life. And no coral bleaching seen. A check on a rare mangrove tree growing there shows it is recovering from being chopped in half.

11 April 2016

East Coast Park: corals, seagrasses and otters!

This morning, a small team surveyed an East Coast Park shore that is only accessible at super low tide. We found lush seagrasses and corals!
We also encountered a large group of Smooth-coated otters! And a seahorse too!

10 April 2016

Coral overload at Terumbu Bemban

Terumbu Bemban has among the best reefs in Singapore! Even though it is close to where many large ships are anchored.
I checked out a new edge of this submerged reef. And Russel and Adriane saw lots of sharks (which are abundant near this reef).


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