27 February 2015

Dead fish update: Pasir Ris, Seletar Dam, Sembawang

Today I had a quick look at the western shores of Pasir Ris. There were a few large dead fishes and many smaller ones. All appeared to be wild fishes. Also, dead cuttlefishes and horseshoe crabs. I didn't see any dead farm fishes. Sightings of dead fishes at Seletar Dam (Benjamin Li) and Sembawang (Tan Sijie) were also shared recently.
Timothy Hromatka, a fish farmer off Ubin also shared more about the recent fish deaths on the farms.

25 February 2015

What is killing fishes at Pasir Ris?

I received this photo of more fishes dying at an eastern fish farm today.
Photo from Sea Angle Boatfishing on facebook.
 So I headed out in the afternoon to see if dead fishes were washing up at Pasir Ris Park beach.
Large dead fish floating up at Pasir Ris beach.
There was a huge dead barracuda, and a few other large dead fishes. I didn't see many dead farm fishes. Dead wild fishes were also reported over the last two days at Sembawang and Changi. The risks of fish deaths are rising in the weeks ahead as there will be no good spring tide to flush the waters around Pasir Ris and Pulau Ubin until April.

23 February 2015

Wild Intern (Apr-Jun 2015) - Now open for applications!

We're looking for help to organise Ubin Day 2015 and other nature outreach activities including workshops and other nature events.
Follow in the footsteps of wild intern Sumita Thiagarajan (in hat)
who laid the foundations for Ubin Day. She is seen here with
Minister Desmond Lee speaking to the Prime Minister on Ubin Day.
Photo by Johnson Ong
Applications now open for the Wild Intern position! Applications close 27 Feb 2015 (Fri).

22 February 2015

Glorious at St. John's Island

A glorious day out at St. John's Island yesterday with a small team.
I checked up on mangrove trees, seagrasses, corals. And came across interesting finds including some special sea stars.

Fishes dying at Pasir Ris?

I heard the water was not quite right at Pasir Ris. So I had a quick look there yesterday.
I saw white powdery insoluble stuff deposited at most recent mid-tide line. Dead fishes of various kinds large and small every 20 steps or so. More below about why it is important for human health, to find out what is killing the fishes.

21 February 2015

The big picture at Little Sisters Islands

There are living reefs at Little Sisters Island, just minutes from mainland Singapore! I spent most of the trip looking at them through a wide angle lens.
The Drone also flew again! And the team found interesting critters at the smaller of the two Sisters which are part of Singapore's first Marine Park.


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